Shallowbrook 2013 Recap

I spent the last week at Shallowbrook Farm in Bradford, IL. I was there for a week of meetings to single young believers with an emphasis on intensive bible study and fellowship. There were several speakers and I wanted to get down on "paper" what was discussed so hopefully it will sink in.

Al Mauer went over the ministry of John. Mostly covering 1 John but going to some of his other books as well. 

Sid Osborn had a compelling series on the person of the Holy Spirit. I am going to have to digest this series quite a bit since it is not a topic I have studied at this level before. 

Tom Kerr dove into the book of Jude. Some very interesting points were brought out regarding corporate and personal apostacy.

Ed Froese discussed grace and practical applications in our lives. There were some  convicting points He brought to our attention.

Sean Weeks had a session regarding the resurrection with some very good reminders.

I had one session as well. I went through the early Church and the state we find ourselves in today. Also, what the practical realization of the Church we see in scripture is today.

In the coming weeks I will attempt to get my notes on some of these topics into a readable format. No promises I will cover all of them. Thank you to all who were praying for the time at Shallowbrook.