Thoughts on Jude from Shallowbrook - part 1

Jude is a short book with a lot of depth. At Shallowbrook this year Tom Kerr covered most of it giving a very good outline of the themes of the book.

The book is addressed to individuals not to the Church. To the individual we see those who are beloved in God the Father. This is power for our daily life, our walk. We have the present and immediate consciousness that God loves us. This love is set apart in God. There is no question of losing something that someone else keeps.

Shallowbrook 2013 Recap

I spent the last week at Shallowbrook Farm in Bradford, IL. I was there for a week of meetings to single young believers with an emphasis on intensive bible study and fellowship. There were several speakers and I wanted to get down on "paper" what was discussed so hopefully it will sink in.