Our Own Assembling Together - Part 2

What is the current state of things?

Are we agreed that the gathering together in one all the children of God is according to God's will as expressed in His word? Can any one believe that “churches” have attained to this end, or are at all likely to attain to it?

Our Own Assembling Together - Part 1

This work is a compilation of my own thoughts on the subject and rewriting of several works by John Nelson Darby. If you have attempted to read JND than you will grant me this concession. If you would like to read the original works I have listed them here:

As we look at this topic we must do so by first understanding that the Word of God is where the answers to these questions are. They are not found in dogma or by my own feelings on the matter. Secondly, I must bow to what scripture says. Often this is easier said than done but with the Lord’s help and a humble reliance on Him we will attempt it.